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For over 40 years, we have relentlessly pursued a better way to operate.


Every project that we have undertaken thus far is the true embodiment of what we stand for as a company – unrivalled perfection, impeccable services and an unwavering commitment to quality.

The confidence and trust that our discerning clients have in GCC is what fuels us to deliver the best. The solid backing of an established inhouse team of support services, skills perfected with years of contracting practice and the latest technology and tools that we have at our disposal has helped us guarantee complete satisfaction, every time, is no doubt where we get our strength and values from.

Utmost transparency and ethical business practices are at the heart of every work we do.

GCC expertise includes the construction of large-scale developments, low and high-rise buildings, residential and commercial developments. GCC also has extensive experience in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.

With dedication to being a socially responsible company, all of GCC processes and ethos are focused on operating in a conscientious manner. GCC is committed to our fundamental values and takes extensive steps to ensure that the entire GCC team adheres to a strict code of business ethics.

Executive Director & CEO

Statement of our

We see every challenge as an opportunity to dream bigger.

A dream of many ideas coming together, with great passion and an opportunity seized is how GCC was born. Our aim at building GCC was to create an entity independent in all aspects of engineering.

We have built our divisions in order to create the perfect utilization of our available resources and eliminate needs of sub-contracting, which in turn saves great deals of time in the servicing sector.

Mr. Amir Abdulrahman,

Statement of our

For over 40 years, we have relentlessly pursued a better way to operate.

We have been developing our divisions with immense speed and take great interest in our consumers’ requests and understanding their problems. We have designed GCC to be Client oriented from the beginning. We are developing ourselves in order to be a one-stop-solution to every aspect of the construction and development industry. We have noticed major changes in our infrastructure, division expansions and an increase in employee numbers. These changes prove a positive motion which we continue to practice and achieve.

Mr. Divakaran Chandran,
Managing Director

Statement of our

Integrity can not be compromised!
Great teams build great companies.

Our role is to successfully deliver the client’s vision into reality using our history of experience, vast resources and dedicated team members. We attribute our accomplishments to decades of commitment to our clients, and a deep understanding of their interests and goals.

MR. Farshid Amir Abdulrahman,