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As for the stud backing out usually I double nut the bar studs and use locktite while installing them . Why do you begrudge someone else's opinion of this product because it doesn't jive with yours?ewalk misquotes yet again:"You State only Poulan are Quality Saws ? If you use any other type of fuel, serious damage to the engine can … Each to their own I guess. The reason is that bar and chain oil has a "high-tack" additive that prevents it from slinging off the chain as it travels around the tip. Seriously if you like your Poulan for weekend a yr cutting of cedar and Birch fine , but lets get serious you can't go on record and state that POULAN out cuts out lives HUSKY SAWS other than the HUSKY CLONE Units I have advised you of previously .". At last a job this piece of Husqvarna rubbish can handle! Most of the Consumer Saws of today are not going to achieve the life cycle of their predecessors for obvious reasons. Bought a Farm Boss last year and the saw runs great once you get it started. In fact ewalk - All I've seen you spew is your opinions. One day while I was cutting up a huge fallen oak it started running lean, and by the time I took it to the dealer they told me the cylinder was scored and repair would equal the cost of a new saw. Apparently this is not possible. I get a little cranky about certain things , so again my Bad . I just find it hard to rationalize why you would shun or recommend other's shun a particular Manufacturer over a bad experience with one specific saw.Let me apologize , your probably an very nice person . "...and other very good quality Saw from various other Manufacturers. Always use quality two-stroke engine oil complying with the TC classification. As for disclosure it should be rather apparent that having worked on most of the current Saw Manufacturer's Past and Present I have sufficient working knowledge to base such reasoning. Someone starts this thread in 2005. but other than that stihls will last longer. I am looking for a new chainsaw. Can you answer me two questions . pgtr"on't know what Vintage Poulan you are speaking of ? This system is reported to achieve optimum performance and improve fuel economy , while reducing emissions . I think husky still builds a good saw and would buy one but they are hard to get parts for. My place has been overtaken with Black Locust thorn trees, which are a very hard wood. come on guys, u guys are talking about pencil sharpeners. the husky 359 and stihl 361 share the same displacement of 59 centimeters. You've confused me with someone else - perhaps the original poster? Kind of a no-brainer. I already have had the misfortune of making a bad choice of owning a Husqvarna rubbish saw and can state factually that it is rubbish. If it's not a Husqvarna that alone makes any brand worth considering in my book. https://www.stihlusa.com/products/oils--lubricants-and-fuels/oils-and-lubricants I have Echo for strimmers and backpack blowers. But to answer your original question there is not a lot of difference within the Stihl and Husky Units it's pretty well a personal choice. If you have the choice, use SAE30 motor oil when it’s hot outside and SAE10 motor oil when it’s cold because of the variations in oil viscosity are better for certain temperatures. Do you have anything more than your opinion? I agree that Husky has really cheapened their product line with the former 100 and now a few of the 400 Series Homeowner Saws. Maruyama for hedge trimmers, Tanaka for long reach trimmer, Stihl for brushcutter, Husqvarna for chainsaws. Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic oil is similar to motor oil and you can use it as a chainsaw bar oil substitute when you have nothing else available. Actually your finally getting better at saw advice , however the Rancher 460 has much better torgue and performance for a few bucks more and provides a decompression and adjustible chain oiler feature but doubt you comprehend that technology. I own a Husqv. They are made cheap alike everything else. Can't Beat the Dolmar , Solo or Efco or Echo Middle Weights either for the Pricing , just have to have a established , reliable dealer or saw experience for user servicing . If you read this Thread from beginning you will get a better feel for the Pro's and Con's of Both Manf. lmao . Agents told them I'd used engine oil in my oil tank - I hadn't.Agents told them the saw had been used with the brake on and this had caused the case to melt - they told me above. Yet for the simple act of sharing my personal experience with Husqv rubbish you suggest I'm ignorant and guess at my source of purchase in perjorative terms. As far as Husky , 346-XP is their top Selling current Saw comparable to the Stil MS-361 . They were forced to regettably in my opinion from cheap offshore competition . All manufacturers of this type of oil meet the standard and any product made or marketed by a reputable supplier will work well. I asked my Stihl dealer about the Stihl MS210C with the Easy2Start, and he strongly advised against the easy start. If I had wanted a poor quality chainsaw I could have bought something much cheaper than a Stihl and had the same crappy quality.Berni. Does anyone know the differences between them? Perhaps back 20 + Yrs ago but not since. "the Cheapo Husky 230 and 240 series they are actually Poulans.". His poorly maintained specimen is however enough evidence for him to badmouth an entire world class saw brand while extolling the virtues of the throw away saws manufactured by the same parent company as Husky. When I ran the Echo semi-synthetic oil in a new SRM-210 I soon found that the 210 was oozing black oil from the muffler. Sure only Prosumer at best but still a very competent saw. Stihl customer service? annie4 - Dolmar 401. The fuel mixture must meet the manufacturer's standards and isn't the same as the gas you put in your car. ewalk queries: "so whats your problem lol ?". I will be picking it up today apparently with a new stud installed. Husqvarna’s high octane fuel is mixed with our best synthetic oil blend. I'll never buy (or recommend) a Husqvarna rubbish product again. To operate your petrol tool, you need a mixture of petrol and engine oil to power the engine. Husqvarna HP two-stroke oil must be used when mixing E10 fuel. What is the best gas mixture ratio for this saw.I purchased it on yesterday and would like remove the smog device as well.I am aware that this could void the warranty.And finally how can I get longevity from this saw.I will be using it for cutting fire wood primarily. You State only Poulan are Quality Saws ? :). Again. No biggy , discover the problem and correct it. pgtr: So you have only owned a Husky Rancher 55 ? ptgr: Oh I don't have any problem with you Bro , at least not really . But you know what, I couldn't fault any of them. and other very good quality Saw from various other Manufacturers. The throttle is cheap plastic, that easily pops out of place, when the cover is removed. that's about 20 cords of red fir and tamarack fire wood a year. Two cycle engine oil that is added to the fuel is made to a standard. More important is maintenance. What type of oil goes in husqvarna lawn mower lc121p 21 inch 163cc high wheel push mower also need a manuel for mower. replaced it with a new (in 2001 )husky model 359. nine years later the husky has finely wore out. Oil designed for use in air cooled 2 stroke engines has a much higher ash content than TCW3 rated oil designed for use in water cooled outboards. I would appreciate opinions on the Husqvarna or Stihl saws. I treid to remove the bar and one of the nuts would not come undone. Interesting discusion.. Have ran numerous Poulan never owned one since they do not manufacturer a Prosumer or Professional Grade Saw , since 1980-84 . Not very knowledgeable of Quality Chainsaws ! Always use high-quality petrol with a minimum octane number of 90 RON (we recommend using unleaded to protect your health and the environment). It was an expensive lesson - fool me once... "The Rancher Homeowner 455 or 460 is a Good Saw around the 60 cc Class for Weekend Warriors. Hard starting is either carburation or electrical or at times a little combination of both . Unfortunate that your have had these issues with a practically new saw . Echo would sound like an excellent option for the obvious reason I've stated above. Just check out all the different Husqvarna chainsaw models and the differences between them. I most likely will purchase one at some point if God is Willing lol :), ewalk gets defensive:"I really was giving you more credit than to respond to a quote from May 20 of 2005. I have found Stihl a little more pricy . Any Good Dealer would have steered you clear of it towards a MS-260 or 260 Pro both Pro Grade with Magnesium Case . I emailed the MD, he deleted my mail without even opening it. I use the name brand stuff (Echo,Husqvarna,etc.) So no particular brand and no particular model at this point. He says they are getting a lot of interest and have some dealers established. Petrol quantity STIHL two-stroke oil 1:50 ... To mix the fuel, first pour the engine oil and then the petrol into a suitable can approved for use with fuel. I bought a Stihl 230 a month ago. I fixed that and used it for another 2 hrs. I doubt this will clarify anything further for you , but as I said before you have your opinion and apparently the majority of other Forum Members and I have a different one as this Thread would indicate . Sorry I missed your post , My Bad...E. i have used poulan s for over twenty years and now, well i wouldn't give a nickel for one....i have purchased echo's to replace all four of my poulan s due to poulan s wont oil the chains.... i love the echo's cs 370 and my new cs450p both are awesome saws i haven't received my cs310 yet but have good confidence it will be awesome too. I have repaired over a dozen various Huskys and twice as many Poulan for various Routine Maintenance Related Items. On the topic of Husqvarna vs. Stihl equipment, I was wondering if anyone knew about their newer models... Husqvarna has this AutoTune technology, and Stihl has an M-Tronic tool. ewalk, Re-read my post. ewalk writes:"Your Beyond a Pill ! All our chain oils stick to and lubricate the chain particularly well, prevent resinification even after extended stoppages and have particularly low environmental impact. I prefer Stihl but would use Echo 2 stroke oil if need be. Echo is a great saw as is Dolmar and Efco , so whats your problem lol ? I don't look at anything carrying the Husqvarna name and don't recommend anything regardless of OEM that carries that name. Specifically formulated to provide the Husqvarna handheld owner with optimal equipment performance. I've sent emails requiesting an update they just get ignored. This time look very very very carefully and perhaps you'll note some quotation marks around the text you've twice attempted to attribute to me. ptgr: Sorry Due Your Beyond a Pill ! I have been loggin 10 years. submit . The debate about chainsaws and using cheaper regular motor oil as the chain/bar lubricant is not completely resolved. I don't mean to start a firestorm over this. Your petrol-powered engine requires a mixture of petrol and engine oil. Pgtr: Actually if you look at the Cheapo Husky 230 and 240 series they are actually Poulans . ewalk prescribes: "Note: If you don't like Husky Rubbish that's fine , take a pill .". Igp: The Auto Feature from Husky is basically a internal Micro Processor driven sensing system that automatically compensates for Temperature , Density changes to adjust the carburator fuel / air mixture accordingly. I have been using saws for over 50 yrs and repairing same for close to 30. The price will not affect my decision. Unsuitable fuels or mix ratios that do not comply with the specification can seriously damage the engine (piston seizing, excessive wear. I think you did ask this question ! The 401 wins hands down but the Stihl MS180 is also pretty nice. And why do you continue to attack me for simply sharing my experience and opinion thereof? currently using a stihl 361 with great results. As for Stihl I would not touch their Homeowner Saws , but their MS-362 or MS-390 are Top Quality , but a little more Pricey . Only cure at this point is when it falls off it's last anemic leg it's currently on, will be wrapping a chain around the handle and converting this piece of rubbish Husqvarna to a boat ancher. Cheap disposable units suitable for occasional firewood cutting of Birch and Poplar . In this article we give you both sides of the story so you can decide which chainsaw brand is right for you. ... they showed me a promotion Stihl had going that if you buy a 6-pack of Stihl oil with the saw, (I think it was $9.99) they will double the warranty to 2 years on the saw. Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws — when it comes to chainsaws, this is a classic debate with plenty of passion on both sides of the fence. It is a Low Quality Homeowner Saw ! Always Use 1 Gallon Cans for Mixed Fuel. I just find it hard to rationalize why you would shun or recommend other's shun a particular Manufacturer over a bad experience with one specific saw. So Good Luck with your Boat Anchor , if the Shipping was not so Heavy for Rubbish I would probably take it off your Hands lol . Note: If you don't like Husky Rubbish that's fine , take a pill . Again not bashing you , just find it hard to condemn Husky for your bad experience. STIHL currently recommends that you do not store or use fuel older than 60 days, and preferably no longer than 30 days, even with a … P.S. If it's a modern synthetic oil designed for air-cooled 2-cycle engines (not a "W" rating or multiuse), it should be fine at 50:1. I wish more people would look at the Echo and Efco Saws prior to buying Box Store Products . Chain oil For a variety of STIHL chains. Question: So why do you have such ongoing constipation over my posting an opinion based on years of horrid experience with this pathetic Husqvarna piece of rubbish saw for other prospective buyers? This is funny stuff, pgtr is describing a saw most likely with a misadjusted carb, cracked fuel line, or dirty fuel filter.....it's obvious that this person knows nothing of two stroke engines and that the saw hasn't really been to an actual repair shop. Todays Poulan saws are toys in comparison. Unlike you, I've learned to accept the limitations of this piece of rubbish - just keep the starting fluid handy and have a strong well rusted arm, lots of patience and a friendly relationshiip w/ my nearbly family and neighbors (who own, ahem!, Poulans).ewalk rambles on:"Take a Pill , yeah I think I had better , getting a headache from talking to the Wall . I have worked lots of professional logging crews over the years and am actually working a contractor right now. Get off your Husky Bashing Podium and Smell the Coffee Dude , todays Poulan are not even close to any other Major Saw Manufacturer within Quality or Reliability including Husqvarna . I think we are establishing a pattern here - you again failed to read my posts and I'm not sure where you are getting the above from.ewalk saysPerhaps back 20 + Yrs ago but not since. He said he has had a lot of complaints, and some saws returned. I was impressed with the saws in the 80's but have not seen them since so will be interesting to see what they have to offer. Do you have a business relationship w/ Husqv? You have not even disclosed the basis of your opinions. the husky 359 and stihl 361 share the same displacement of 59 centimeters. ewalk - in addition to supplying quotes - I added the orginator of the quote to help out a little... ewalk thinks emphatically: "I think you did ask this question !". For me, one of the biggest differences between Husqvarna and STIHL is that STIHL does not sell their products online. I'm going to wait until the weather breaks before I buy, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please send them. Before you buy, look under the housing. The Echo and if I may say Efco Units would be my personal choice for a Prosumer or (almost) Commercial Pro-Grade Saw. The engine, gaskets, fuel lines and fuel tank may be damaged if poor quality engine oil is used. add a comment You have 50 words left! Again don't take this stuff to personally there are a lot of Dudes out there who would have taken a lot more offense to Husky Bashing or any other Major Saw Manf. I am a forester in Louisiana and work in the private timber industry. The Rancher Homeowner 455 or 460 is a Good Saw around the 60 cc Class for Weekend Warriors. Oil is oil as long as you buy a well known quality brand. Indeed, you insist upon taking the information I've shared and in making posts directed at mem in very personal terms. I've learned my lesson about 'stepping up' - I won't throw good money after bad - lesson learned. This is a good example of how the biggest difference between these two brands is personal preference. Lots of Loyalty within the Ranks !. This pains me to say because I have always been a husqvarna man, but right now stihl has a better dealer network and probably a better saw. Recommendations for Extra Wide Plumbers Wrench. My MS200 is made in Germany, perhaps that's why it's so pricey. How Much Oil Should Come Out of the Chain Saw Chain Oiler?. In fact neither Stihl nor Echo (or other equipment makers for that matter) manufacture the oil that has their name on the bottle. If you are concerned about easy starting, consider the Stihl MS 210 C with the Easy2Start system. Every 260 and 361 have req'd Rejetting Same I hear with the Newer 362. However you have stated just the opposite ,having not owned more than your apparent Rubbish Rancher . For optimal performance we recommend STIHL Premium 50:1 mix engine oil available at your local STIHL Dealer. Selecting and installing cutting attachments. I soon switched to Amsoil Saber and no more oozing oil. Bear in mind they'd already charged me nearly £80 for replacing bearing and clutch parts. pgtr: Dude , I did not see your quote from the OP , I really was giving you more credit than to respond to a quote from May 20 of 2005. As I have siad before any saw is only as good as it's service dealer . I'm just here sharing my personal experience with my pig of a Husqv rubbish saw with the original poster who specifically inquired about this brand. FWIW I'm the only one in my area who has something other than a Poulan and all my neighbors have more hours on older Poulans and nary a problem. You only get what you payfor unfortuantely with these manufacturers. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day ...E . Personally I like Husqvarna chainsaws better. If you wish a better Pro Saw you have to go to the 357XP or 372XP Line up. Thanks. (you can use a sharpie to add words to tape if you desire) Why cant I just use one 2 gallon fuel can and add one 6.4 oz bottle of Stihl two cycle oil, which gives me a 40:1 ratio and use it in everything from the trimmers, chain saw to LawnBoys and be done with it the way I have for the past 20 years? We saw this question asked on the net and at face value, you could think it's a silly question to ask as yes, you can use other brands with other brands - while some manufacturers may state to use only their brand with their products, this is just a sales tactic - if it's the right kind of oil for your chainsaw, you sure can use it - so it is fine to add Husqvarna oil to your Stihl saw, and vice versa. ", Yep - I've read the thread from the top - offered my 2c based on many years of personal experience w/ my little example of Husqv rubbish (and watching w/ envy the many Poulans around here consistently perform). Actually , currently Echo produces better product accross the board with much better pricing . Have 2 Pioneers , owned 4-Huskys 3-Stihl's 1-Mac-10 1-Jonsered 1-Echo 1-Solo in a 40 year Tree Cutting Period .So No allegiance to Husquarna sorry to again burst your bubble . Thats not really much in comparison to my MS-260 or even a Cheapo Solo . ewalk asksWhat current Model of Poulan do you now have in high respect . My advise is simple to the OP: Anything but a Husqv. What customer service. In short it's rubbish. Also what specifically have you done to cure your Husky Hard Starting issues. I have had numerous Stihl Wood Boss Saws come in and they are REALLY RUBBISH Stihl Models . ... Use either a 10W30 motor oil or SAE30 motor oil. Take a Pill , yeah I think I had better , getting a headache from talking to the Wall . ". There quality is better! It's light (9lbs), has great throttle response and plenty of power. Hal: Unfortunately You Purchased the worst Saw Stil has ever offered. tmax: I like Your Style and Technical Knowledge of The Subject Matter ! Use BP petrol, stihl two stroke oil, service them regulary and they will see you right. The 346 is more akin to the 260 than the 361/362. All of the products use fully synthetic oil with the exception of Echo’s Red Armor line, which for some reason goes with a semi-synthetic option. They both preform about the same, and polans (lol) never seen anybody with that in the woods. that's about 20 cords of red fir and tamarack fire wood a year. Most chainsaw operation manuals insist that you need to use quality bar oil. When I threaded the stud back into the casing and put the nut back on the stud just stripped out of the casing. i suggest husqvarna.you can read reviews here : It is really a personal preference some like Husqvarna, some like Stihl.

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