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Best Stoneworks creates the distinctive look of genuine stone, without the expense Stone adds natural beauty around a fireplace, texture to an entryway or grandeur to an entire exterior. We’re the only manufacturer that makes and installs beautiful Stone Veneer … Eldorado Stone dominated the ‘Manufactured Stone’ category, winning all four subcategories: Brand Familiarity, Brands Used in the Past Two Years, Brands Used Most and Quality Rating. Unfortunately, stone veneer is rarely done right, and often comes with a load of issues that can lead to problems for homeowners down the road. Irregular surface of slate and sandstone and variety of colours make every sheet unique. The Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer.® For over 45 years our artisans have been hand crafting authentic products that not only elevate quality and design, but also attainability. There are many different styles and colors including everything from classic brick to river rock appearance. Depending on the type of thin stone veneer you’ve chosen to install, type N or S mortar will fit your needs beautifully. Stone veneer can be cut in a number of ways using hand or power tools. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows over the fire with kids or enjoying a nice glass of wine … CoastalReef® 2 colors available. Shop Menards and Save BIG on stone and brick veneer siding from the best brands. Leaking Windows and Doors. Natural veneers can be a better choice when your project demands that the veneers run close to ground level. When cutting stone veneer, always wear safety gear, such as safety glasses and a safety mask. Because concrete tends to absorb water and can develop efflorescence over time, manufactured veneers should be installed at a height of at least 4 inches above the soil level. A stone ledge is not needed so the design ideas are endless and the veneered stone can be used on almost any project. Stone veneer complements your home’s siding, columns, mailbox surrounds, decking, outdoor kitchens, chimneys and more. While manufactured veneers utilize chemicals in their production, stone is a natural and therefore more environmentally friendly product. Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. provides product data, testing, and specification information to ensure the quality of our product. These veneers can either be quarried and cut into slices, or sometimes smoothed river rocks are thinly sliced with a flat back side to apply against the wall. A stone … Fizzano Brothers carries product from both Beuchel Stone and Real Stone Systems. 1776 Chester Pike Installing the Stone Veneer. Manufactured stone veneer can be significantly easier and more cost effective to install than natural stone and can be used in a variety of applications and on many different surfaces. See more ideas about stone veneer fireplace, stone veneer, fireplace. Our representatives can give you priceless input on your project from inception to completion. Start the Trasnformation. Crum Lynne, PA 19022, Copyright ©2020 Fizzano Brothers Concrete Products. Hand-crafted cast stone veneer from Best Stoneworks enables you to create a true stone ambiance at one-quarter to one-third the cost of traditional stone. Manufactured stone veneer, sometimes called architectural stone or cast stone, is a cast replica of natural stone made from concrete. May 8, 2017 - Stone veneers can give your home a natural masonry look & feel without the weight & hassle of a stone wall. Find the Perfect Thin Stone Veneer for the Job with Kafka Granite. Natural stone … Natural Brick and Stone Depot Natural Stone Thin Veneer & Full Bed Thickness Building Stone. There are many application options, from installing a lath, attaching furring strips or applying building paper. Mortar types vary by strength, flexibility and how well they bond, making different mortars recommended for different applications. Kitchen. Most manufactured veneer stone is composed of Portland cement, aggregates, and iron oxides. You won’t have to choose … Indoors, it is often used as a distinctive decoration for fireplaces. Less than 10 percent of stone veneer manufacturers have earned ICC-ES AC 51 compliance for pre-cast stone veneer. You can create a clean, regular effect or an uneven, organic, rustic look. - Web Design by Media Proper. K2 Stone produces the highest quality natural stone veneer building materials, all of our products are quarried and cut within North America. P-Series, Stone Panels System is our best selling stone. • Premium Manufacturing: To ensure you get the best stone veneer, Mountain View Stone strictly monitors every step of the production process for quality control. Outdoors, it creates natural-looking fire pits, kitchens and grills, and walls/piers. Remember: we’re also big on stone installation. If you have a difficult time telling veneer stone apart from natural stone, that is entirely by the manufacturers' design.

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